Art Direction & Front-end development

Saint-Joseph de Tivoli, a private school in Bordeaux, France, needed a brand new website. We delivered with a homepage really focused on presenting the school to prospects, while keeping the inner pages full of content and useful informations for students and parents alike. A fully-responsive website with rich visuals and strong branding was the answer we delivered.

The two separate navigation elements, separating primary pages and keeping them easily accessible, allowed us to have the numerous sub-pages Tivoli wanted while keeping the design clean.

The huge quantity of pages, and the way the content was structured, made us work with a chameleon design, which main color could change and adapt the the sub-section the user is in, opting for bright colors reflection the youth and dynamism of the school.

You can visit the real website here, altough at the time of writing, it’s content is still in the works and thus the site is incomplete.

Tivoli Tivoli Tivoli Tivoli